To become a pilot, you should follow these steps one by one:


Get aviation medical certificate

First, you should begin with medical assessment to obtain First Class Medical Certificate. This certificate is only necessary for airline pilot career seekers and some commercial pilots. You don‘t need it while you are still a student and in the beginning Third or Second Class Medical Certificate might be enough. However, it is always advisable to gain Class 1 Certificate in order to see if you satisfy medical requirements before investing your time and efforts into flight training.


Decide where you want to study

There are many ways to acquire knowledge in aviation, such as training in the military or through a university degree program. Nevertheless, the fastest and the most effective direct path is to study at flight school.


Request for student pilot certificate

Some flight training schools in the U.S. and other countries require to obtain student pilot certificate before starting the course. Its acquisition is as simple as filling out a form and meeting with a certified flight instructor.


Obtain private pilot license PPL

If you have at least 17 years, then you are ready to apply for a flight school near you and earn Private Pilot License. The application process itself depends on the flying school, but usually you will need to be approved in their admission test. After received confirmation, your pilot training begins.


Earn commercial pilot license CPL

For those who aspire to become professional pilots, the next step in this way is achieving Commercial Pilot License. Applicants should be at least 18 years old, fluent in English, hold an instrument rating, receive ground training, accrue appropriate flight experience, pass a theoretical and a flight test. Commercial pilots possessing this license are permitted to get paid for their work.


Gain airline transport pilot license ATPL

To become a pilot at an airline (as a first officer and eventually move into the captain’s seat), you will need Airline Transport Pilot License. To achieve it, you should be at least 23 years old and log at least 1500 flying hours (including 250 hours as captain in command).


Learn, learn, learn...

Once you hold your ATPL license, you will have to improve flying skills and accumulate more experience. While regional airlines have lower requirements, major airlines usually ask for at least 3000 hours of total flying time. Furthermore, airlines prefer pilots with additional type rating which indicates ability to fly a particular type of an airplane.

Pilot career comprises incremental growth in aviation professionalism along with practical flying experience. This is a long process but satisfying and finally all of your efforts lead to a well-paid pilot job!


Preferred pilot qualifications and abilities that most hiring companies are looking for:

Pilot education. To become a commercial pilot, you need a high school (or equivalent) diploma, but if you plan to evolve your career as an airline pilot, then you should gain a bachelor's degree.

Proficiency in English. Pilots must have English level 4 or above according to ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization). This requirement helps to avoid communication errors between aviation professionals – flight crew members and air traffic controllers.

Medical certification. A valid Class 1 Medical Certificate is crucial. Every pilot must be in good physical and mental health, have great coordination, hearing, vision (as well as be able to distinguish colours).

Valid Commercial Pilot License or Airline Transport Pilot License. The minimum certification required depends on job position you apply for. To earn a CPL, you must register at least 250 flight hours while to achieve ATPL you will have to log 1500 or more hours of flight time.

No history of aviation incidents, accidents or violations.

No criminal background. In addition to this, pilots must be able to pass drug/alcohol screening and submit to random drug test when required.

Pilot skills. Valuable pilot qualities include quick reaction, safety-oriented mindset, self-confidence, ability to work in a team, flexibility, multitasking, observational, planning, problem-solving and strong technical skills.

Valid passport and being able to travel internationally without restrictions.

The minimum aircraft flight time documented requirements may vary greatly depending on the company and the offered job position. For example, many airlines specify that candidate who wishes to occupy the captain’s position needs at least 3500 total flight hours.

Type rating requirements depend on the particular airline.

Speed up your career. Those who can sponsor a type rating and line training will, consequently, jump start their careers and, as they have their time, those minimum common flight hours don't apply for them.

If you already hold your CPL MULTI IR

How can I apply?

You will send us your CV and wait upon our response.

Can I visit the office?

We are not an open-door company; the procedure is online if we accept you and if you are approved in the first phase we will invite you to come to one of our simulator centres.


House is included in the programme.


The airline will provide all the documentation for your visa.


It is explained in the programme page itself.

Which airline I will fly?

First It depends if we will accept you then during our interview, we will discuss all the details and as everyone knows it, this information is confidential and, we only inform it after the pilot is accepted by the airline.

How can I speed up my career?

You can speed up your career by getting a type rating with a line training programme.

What is a type rating?

Type rating is the license that qualifies you to fly a certain type of jet aircraft for ex: Airbus, Boeing and etc.

What is line training?

Line training is the actual flight time you need in order to have the minimums to enter an airline, like that your chances of employment will be much higher.

Is the job guaranteed?

We at leads aviation only engage you in the programme if the airline guarantees your job.

I have my type rating; can I join leads programme?

Yes! But a short type rating will be necessary to make sure you meet our standards.

COVID 19 Response Plan:

Email us at info@leadsaviation.com for current info.

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Where will I take the Evaluation?

Location of the evaluation depends on the intake process, we have 17 bases where we use the Simulators for training and evaluation purposes.

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