Fake News Alert,

On behalf of Leads, we would like to advise our customers that there is a potential risk of fake news. We have taken the necessary measures to identify its source and have thereby discovered that it was originated from PPRUNE. Needless to say that, Leads has filed 17 lawsuits against this web site for reasons related to extortion.

The fake news created in PPRUNE’s forum began when we denied acquiring an advertising banner in which the cost would continually increase over time. We deem this illicit activity to be EXTORTION !!!

In order to convey a more genuine impression, PPrune uses either old members which were created or paid by them to write bad reviews of our company. In addition, they also create stories and give positive reviews and comments in the forum and eventually, the cost of the banner begins to increase. Suddenly, we received a message from an anonymous person via prontonmail which unfortunately is an untraceable email system from the Dark Web where the only payment accepted is Bitcoin.

In view of the above, we would like to extend our most sincere apologies to the young pilots who may have been misled by the non-official information transmitted by this anonymous web site. We believe they have committed cybercrime.

We are at your entire disposal for clarifications and can send you copies of the lawsuits which we have filed against this unuscrupulous web site totalizing over USD 9.000.000. If you require copies of the lawsuits please email us at info@leadsaviation.com


1. Leads never request payments in advance and applying for admission into programs offered by Lead requires a series of different procedures

2. Leads never uses Moneygram, Western Union , Paypal and Paysera. We truly believe pilots would ever send funds to sites that take part in scams

3. Leads has no connection with any individuals at all but as said above, posts created by PPRUNE use all kinds of incorrect methods in order to extort aviation training businesses and even airlines. Our company is owned by BVI Developments BV and any financial transaction must be done through official banks, business accounts and invoices etc. NOT A SINGLE INDIVIDUAL IS INVOLVED IN THE OWNERSHIP OF THE COMPANY

4. The source that has been spreading this fake news online has no reputation, therefore, we would like to inform you of our position regarding this issue and also send you any information such as copies of our lawsuits against PPRUNE. If you have any doubts or need any additional information or would like a copy of the lawsuits, please email us at info@leadsaviation.com

Best Regards,
Leads Aviation Legal Dept