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We are the result of a combination of a network between young, recent graduated pilots with no experience, senior airline captains, first officers…

In the present time commercial aviation has become the most important tool to connect people around the world. Either if it’s business, personal, a simple letter that you want to send, life itself through human organs, medications and medical staff. Summarizing, commercial aviation is a vital part of our daily lives. As it immensely increases every day, flight safety is the most important key of this flying generation and flight safety begins with a strong, focused and a personal training programme designed to each pilot. The last link of flight safety is the pilot. Training based on a solid ground of making super pilots to command these flying machines is the DNA of LEADS Aviation and we are here looking for the best individuals to turn them into super pilots. Navigating through our entire webpage will make you understand what it takes to become a successful professional airline pilot and if you have the chance to train and work with us we will make sure to build a two-way street that will give you a clear path to an airline seat and also help our network to increase even more. welcome to Leads Aviation.

Become a Super Pilot

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In the beginning LEADS was a department of a very well-known company of aircraft lease and all the training was offered directly to airline companies. With the success of quality training LEADS decided to open its own training programmes to offer directly to candidates around the globe a unique training programme based on a self-one-on-one focused from zero hour pilot to advanced airline career programmes with job contracts guaranteed ( to connect the trainees with airlines) in partnership with several global flight schools as well as its own flight schools located in the USA that uses the training programme of leads connecting the pilot into our airline training network but it’s still being a very selective company working only limited slots per year.


Some of Lead's team members have a vast experience with aircraft leasing and normally, these jobs follow the professionals due to the connexions they built in the industry in order to give access to many airlines our team has leased aircrafts and still under contract with companies such as Onur Air, Spirit Airlines, Latam, Cathay Pacific , Wizz Air , Viejet, Lao Airlines , Bangkok Airlines, South African Airways , Pegasus Airlines, Malwaee Airlines , Air France, IndiGo Airlines ,CFG Leasing group, MJX Capital Management. Our Immense airline network has already placed more than 300 pilots among the Airlines we work with and the connections we have offer our pilots a secure chance of employment as the airline industry is made of connections. Even after entering an airline, our pilots continue being part of our network to help the engagement of the new pilots entering the market, that is the reason why we call ourselves a network company.


LEADS is made of a network of young pilots and experienced pilots. Despite of good training as it is our number one priority, commercial aviation is also made of contacts. Therefore, Leads is the result of a combination of a network between young, recent graduated pilots with no experience, senior airline captains, first officers… There is a huge valley between a young pilot and an experienced pilot, and this valley is what keeps you unemployed for a long time.


LEADS is based in North America, USA therefore, the chosen flight training locations are in the United States of America, South Africa , Philippines and UK and we have chosen these locations for the cost effective option that embraces every pilot from all over the world, making the training cheaper and more effective due to the good weather throughout the year. Even being based in the USA, LEADS is an international company with international offices and agents.


The training offered by LEADS includes a guaranteed airline position, which means you will fly an amount of time that it is going to help you find a job with an airline, plus the right airline connection in your country which is going to offer you an interview.


We will guarantee that you will start your training and only leave us when you have your airline position guaranteed and thus we will avoid a very common problem among young pilots that find themselves unemployed after graduating.


LEADS is now offering the training directly to the public, but it doesn’t mean we’re an open-door company. To train with LEADS you have to first send us your CV , and if we are interested we will contact the office representing LEADS in your country in order to our office contact you if we’re happy with your profile and you will be contacted for an interview with our training director to decide if you will continue in the screening process.


LEADS works with limited slots throughout the year and we usually close our slots in the first quarter of the year, although we always have slots available for those we want to train. If we accept you or not, we will reply to you with the truth.


Leads training program is a combination of the Traditional Private, Instrument, Commercial and Multi Engine ratings and the MPL method where the pilot already starts flying airliners simulators also, regional airline experience is part of the programme upon completion of commercial pilot training but as each pilot is trained individually, the Training syllabus will be provided upon review of candidate´s CV and of course our interest in receiving the candidate.

Low Time Pilots:

If you already have your licenses send us your CV and if we are interested in your previous experience we will invite you to join our network of pilots and engage you in one of our airlines networks to join as a junior First Officer.

Unemployed Pilots (with type rating):

Send us your CV and we will include you in our network to open job opportunities for you.

Type rated Pilots with no time on type:

Send us your CV and we will include you in our network to open job opportunities for you.

Experienced unemployed pilots:

Send us your CV and we will include you in our network to open job opportunities for you.

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Email us and we will be sure to contact you as soon as possible. Thanks for visiting our website and if you have the chance to work with LEADS we will guarantee you a bright future and you are going to be part of our growing airline networks.


Leads Aviation International Headquarters
5600, NW 36th ST, suite 611
Miami, Florida, USA 33166
Phone: +1 305 504‑6177

P.S We give no information over the phone please send us your CV and patiently wait our feedback about our decision to proceed with your admission.


The training programmes offered by Leads are focused on three big demands


The zero-hour pilot is the pilot who has not yet started the training these are the individuals we are looking for. If we have a zero-hour pilot we start indoctrinating them in the proper airline away from day one.


The recent graduated pilots are those who come from flight schools but with no connection


Low time commercial pilots are those who have been in the market searching for jobs.

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